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*Global Network for Advanced Management
  • Global Network Weeks
  • Small Network Online Courses (SNOCs)
  • Dual Degree in Advanced Management (Yale SOM)
Global Network Week
Small Network Online Courses
Double Degree
International Summer Program
Global Network Week
Is a collaboration of graduate schools of business that seeks to foster intellectual ties among business schools, students and deans from both economically strong regions and those on the horizon of economic development. It was founded by a consortium of 21 schools and launched on April 27, 2012. The Global Network has since expanded to include 29 member schools:
1. Asian Institute of Management (The Philippines)
2. EGADE Business School (Mexico)
3. ESMT European School of Management  (Germany)
4. FGV Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo (Brazil)
5. Fudan University School of Management (China)
6. Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley (USA)
7. HEC Paris (France)
8. Hitotsubashi University (Japan)
9. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (China)
10. IE Business School (Spain)
11. IMD (Switzerland)
12. INCAE Business School (Costa Rica, Nicaragua)
13. Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (India)
14. INSEAD (France, Singapore)
15. Koç University Graduate School of Business (Turkey)
16. Lagos Business School, Pan-Atlantic University (Nigeria)
17. London School of Economics (United Kingdom)
18. National University of Singapore Business School (Singapore)
19. Pontificia Universidad Católica De Chile (Chile)
20. Renmin University of China School of Business (China)
21. Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia (Canada)
22. Seoul National University Business School (South Korea)
23. Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (Israel)
24. UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School (Ireland)
25. University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business (South Africa)
26. University of Ghana Business School (Ghana)
27. Universitas Indonesia Faculty of Economics (Indonesia)
28. Yale School of Management (USA)
29. Saïd Business School, University of Oxford (United Kingdom)
30. UNSW Business School (Australia)
Small Network Online Courses - SNOC
Global Network Courses are online classes connecting students throughout the network for lectures and project work in virtual teams.
Through these elective small netwotk online courses, students benefit from the network's range of faculty expertise and the perspectives of their peers from member schools around the world. Topics have included mobile banking, competition law, natural resource management, new product development, and social entrepreneurship.
Small network online courses VS Massively open online course
  • Connect a prequalified group of top-tier MBA candidates to work together on projects and participate in faculty-led classroom exercises. 
  • Clases are integrated into the curriculum as part of a larger degree program. 
  • Courses are one of several interactions among students and faculty.
  • Students develop virtual teamwork and collaboration skills, in addition to gaining substantive knowledge.
  • High volume of unscreened students and participants of varyng abilities and interests.
  • Topics are usually presented as stand-alone courses.
  • The course frequently is the onlu interaction among students and faculty.
  • Focus is on substantive knowledge and not management skills.
Global Network Courses provide an excellent opportunity
for Global Network students to learn how to create ani
nternational team and how to integrate knowledge and
different perspectives of team members from different cultures,
leading to innovative solutions.
- Miriam Erez, Vice Dean of the MBA program
at technion Israel institute of technology - 
Offered twice a year:
January and Septembre
January Offert:
  • Political Strategies of Multinational Companies. Gilberto Sarfati. FGV-EAESP. Dates: January 30 – April 10
  • Natural Capital:  Risks and Opportunities in Global Resource Systems. Todd Cort. Yale SOM. January - May 2017
  • International Management and Organizational Strctures.  Raúl Montalvo. EGADE Busuniess School. Dates: March-May 2017
  • The End of Globalization?  David Bach. Yale SOM. Dates: February-April 2017
  • International Entrepreneurship​Raymond Chang. Yale SOM. Dates: March-May 2017
International Summer Program
2019 Offer
Global Financial Strategy
Marketing and Finance for Entrepreneurs
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