As part of the admission process we ask you to deliver the following documents:
Provide official documentation:
You must prove that you have completed undergraduate studies at least and these are valid in Mexico. To do this, you must submit:
  • Original legalized professional title*
  • Original legalized certificate of professional studies*
Additionally, include the following personal documents in your application:
  • Original birth certificate*
  • Official idntification (passport)
  • Updated migratory process (FM3)
  • Signed Foreigner Letters ( and
  • Motives essay
  • Two letters of recommendation
*Documents must be authenticaded or apostilled for use in mexico, as appropiate to the country of origin (The documents must have the legalization that validates the documents must be apostilled; for countries that do not form part of this treaty the documents must be authenticated). Additionally, those documents that are in a language other than spanish must provide the translation of each of the documents, made by an official mexican expert.

**In case the professional title is being processed, and original letter from the institute/school of origin required indicating this status.
Schedule and present your tests:
(Saturday 8:30)
Preparation course
(10:00 )
OCTOBER 5 7 to 10 9
19 28 to 31 30
NOVEMBER 2 19 al 22
for  vacation
DECEMBER 7 2 to 5 4
Prepare your Curriculum Vitae and your Academic Interview Format
You must schedule an appointment with an EGADE manager through the Admissions team to have a brief interview.
Receive your admission results
When your process is complete, it will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee that meets once a month, and 2 days later you will receive your admission result.
Scholarships options
  • Scholarships
  • Agreements
  • Credits
Consult with your advisor to apply for calls for educational support
Formalice your registration process
Consult with your advisor the steps to follow to formalize your registration
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